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2nd Annual Frosts Got Talent - Talent Show 23/24

The second annual Frost's Got Talent, planned and sponsored by Mrs. Paullena McMorris, was held at 1:00 on February 8, 2024.

Aubrey Barnett and Grace Jones took home the gold, winning 1st place, with their Gymnastic Hip-Hop routine. The crowed was on their feet during the energetic performance.

Aubrey Barnett racked up on medals, managing to also win 2nd place singing Live Off. She did an amazing job interacting with the crowed. Hands were waving throughout the entire gym.

The talent show had a TIE for 3rd. One act being Ethan Haydel and David A. singing Count on Me. The other, Olivia Roshto, Alara Guitreau, and Caroline Cullen. The gym enjoyed clapping along to the beat of these Swifties.

Mrs. Madison, a former college gymnast, was coerced on stage by the audience chanting her name for an impromptu performance. She entertained the audience with a cartwheel double back handspring.

Our talent show performers weren't the only ones to take home the gold! During voting, a dance off took place. Our K-2 winner was Mila. Our 3-5 winner was Jose. Our 6-8 winner was Peyton Ogle.

A big thank you to our announcer, Mrs. Lindsey Roshto and judges Mr. JC Adams, Mrs. Soyna Collins, Mrs. Courtney Blount, Mrs. Kristen Watts, and Mrs. Drew Knight.

All talent show performances were amazing! Students had a blast and it was quotes as "the best school day!" Watch all of our AMAZING acts using the links below.

Written by Frost Digital Media Club Member: Emma Hardy