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Frost Falcons Defeat Maurepas Wolves at Maurepas Gym

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Frost Falcons were at the Maurepas Gym Monday October 30, 2023. Falcons boys basketball went up against Maurepas Wolves. Frost Player 35, Benjamin Aquire scored the first 4 points of the game. Player 15, Ashton Pollard, scored 6 points; making three free throws and a three pointer. Erik Fernandez, player 14, made a lay up scoring 2 points and was fouled allowing him to shoot a free throw scoring an additional point. Player 1, David Palacios, made 2 lay ups scoring 4 points in total. Falcons won 17 - 7.

Author: Frost Boys Basketball Team

Editor: Lylah Anthony

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