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Frost School Honored During LPPS Recognition of Excellence

Pictured: 8th grade student of the year, Rylie Lenz (right), 5th grade student of the year, Emma Hardy (left), Support Staff of the year Lidia Carlisle (2nd to left), Stacey Wise (2nd to the right). Located at Walker High School LPPS Recognition of Excellence Celebration.

Frost School was honored at the LPPS Recognition of Excellence Celebration on Tuesday, March 28 receiving Louisiana Top Gains Honoree and a Louisiana Opportunities Honoree. This award was accepted by Principal Stacey Wise on behalf of Frost School.

Opportunity honorees perform in the 90th percentile or above for students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students or English learners. Top Gains schools are those that demonstrate exceptional student progress, earning an ‘A’ for student progress and ensuring that students meet or exceed their learning goals each year.

Students of the year Emma Hardy (5th grade) and Rylie Lenz (8th grade) were recognized.

Teacher of the year JC (Jean) Adam was recognized.

Support staff of the year Lidia Carlisle was recognized.

Frost School is proud of its students, staff members, and the school as a whole for all of our accomplishments throughout the school year.

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