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Frost's Got Talent

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Students at Frost School showed off their talent at our first annual talent show on Friday, January 13, 2023. All 10 acts were amazing, but three stood out in particular: first place winners Kaiden Barnett and Blake Boyette, second place Riley Duncan, and third place Ethan Haydel.

Kaiden Barnett and Blake Boyette took the audience by a storm with their performance of something in orange. The two students granted the crowd an encore at the conclusion of the show. Riley Duncan was awarded second place with her performance of A Million Dreams. Riley was only one point away from being tied for first! The gym was a barrel of laughs after Ethan Haydel's SpongeBob and Mickey Mouse character impressions.

While votes were being tallied, students participated in an impromptu dance contest! Students from each grade that won were also awarded gold metals!

Frost is so proud of our students for having the courage to participate in this year's talent show. We all truly enjoyed each performance!

Dance Competition Videos

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