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Livingston Parish Decorated Mask 4H Contest Winner: Aileana D.

Elementary 4-H club Mardi Gras masks were submitted to compete against all school 4-H clubs across Livingston Parish. 4-H members had the option to enter 2 categories: Decorated Mask or Sketched/Drawing Mask. 16 of our Frost Elementary 4-H members submitted decorated masks. Mardi Gras masks were hand-crafted using recycled cardboard and beads, with glitter, gems, glitter, paint, markers, and hot glue. Submissions were sent to the local 4-H office for judging. Winners earn points for their 4H Club and will be honored on 4H Achievement Day in April.

Our very own Aileana D. won first place in the decorated mask category! Aileana was notified of her achievement on Friday, Feb.23 by the Frost 4-H Sponsor and presented with a Coca-Cola and snack box. She will receive a certificate from Livingston Parish 4-H on Achievement Day. 4-H is honored to have Aileana representing our school and allowing Frost 4-H this victory.

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