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8th Grade 2023 Cooking Show

Have you ever wanted to be on the show “Chopped” and cook for judges? On Monday, May 15, 2023 8th graders in Ms. Margavio's Spanish class had the opportunity to do just that. Students received 2 recipes in Spanish and had to work with their teams to create them. The judges rated their creations on presentation and flavor. The team with the highest ratings won the golden spoon. The judges for the show were our assistant principal Mr. Mark Curtis and included two students from 8th grade, Owen Wallace and Kalep Stafford. The two recipes were brownie batter dip and a sweet treat breakfast meal. Each team had 20 minutes to complete the meal. There was a total of 4 teams and the judges rated the dishes on appearance and on taste. The winners of the 8th-grade cooking competition were Rylie Lenz, Kenzi Romero, Emaly Pollard, and Alisa Pastrana also known as team one. Everyone had a great time cooking and we are very thankful for the opportunity Ms. Margavio provided us.

Written by: Madison Plauche’

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