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Falcons in the Work Force

On Thursday March 23, 2023 Mrs. Paullena McMorris' 8th grade quest classes had the opportunity to job shadow in a career they are interested in. This was a great hands on learning opportunity for Frost students and the school received very positive feedback from both the students and job shadow hosts!

Here are what students had to say about their glimpse into the future:

"I learned a lot about things that I would have never known and I'm glad for this special opportunity." --Madison P. (warden secretary - LP detention center)

"One thing I learned is that insulation is a carbon dioxide reducer which means it improves the air quality and saves lives. This is why many homes and buildings contain insulation in them." - Caleb G. (insulator)

"Out of all the things I learned, the thing I like the most about being a business development manager is you get to travel a lot because you get to go to job sites to make sure everything is going as planned." - Faith H. (business development manager)

"Learning to communicate comes with being a realtor, if you don’t know how to talk to clients then how will you get them to choose you." - Liyah P. (realtor)

" I know that one day these things will come in handy and help me in my everyday life. Especially if I come back to this establishment in the departments I had worked in." - Kaiden B. (all star automotive)

"I loved everything we did at the job shadow it was good for everyone and helped me to learn how to act and how to teach if I go into the profession." - Kalep S. (Police Officer - LP training facilities)

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