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Falcons in the Work Force

On Wednesday March 20, 2024 Mrs. Paullena McMorris' 8th grade quest classes had the opportunity to job shadow a career of their interest. This was a great hands on learning opportunity for Frost students and the school received very positive feedback from both the students and job shadow hosts!

Here is what students had to say about their glimpse into the future:

"I enjoyed observing his teaching style and aspired to be like him, well spoken-of, well-mannered, and overall a great person. Talking to him about his past experiences in design media was inspiring and gave me knowledge about the field I didn't know before." -Jesus A. (French Settlement High School Digital Media)

"I liked how you can work at your own pace, not rushed or forced to finish something at a certain time." - Molly D. (Louisiana Economic Development)

"My favorite part about the job shadowing was getting able to see puppies. To see these puppies I had to watch a bully XL have a c-section." - Natalie L. (Denham Springs Animal Hospital)

"What I liked most about the job was the camaraderie and teamwork among the staff. Despite the demanding nature of their work, there was a sense of collaboration and mutual support that fostered a positive work environment. I admired how they relied on each other’s expertise and worked together to accomplish their goals." - Theia M. ( Department of Defense)

"I enjoyed my time at LLC because it allowed me to observe and learn from different people." - Payton M. (AC Land Title Services)

"I’m so grateful that I got to shadow someone who has a fascinating job and that I enjoyed." - Bella M. (Tara Lea Vintage Parlor Florist)

"The thing that I enjoyed the most was getting to understand how the machines work and how the surgeries are performed. I loved getting to learn how the ventilator works." - Callie Uhler (BRASS Surgery Center)

"I think that welding is the right career for me because its something that I've always wanted to do and always loved." - Niklous A. (Philips Process Piping LLC)

"What I liked most about the job I observed was the big gymnasium which the academy students practice and train in. The gymnasium was where all the students trained for real life combat, and lighting skills." - Dominick C. ( Livingston Parish Training Center)

"I am very thankful that I was able to go to the Walker Animal Hospital and job-shadow the nurse because she was really nice and she helped me learn a lot of things that I didn’t know walking into the building." - Abigail H. ( Walker Animal Hospital)

"The overall experience of job shadowing was amazing and taught me a lot about dentistry and orthodontist work." - Peyton O. (Dr. Balhoff Orthodontist)

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